Anthony Sobotik , Co-Owner of Lick Honest Ice Creams

Clarisa's honest and genuine approach to her craft has made working with her a true pleasure. She creates results by being open, dedicated and authentic in her mission. I think the media and her peers know that if she is representing a brand, it's because she truly believes in it and in today's world, that speaks volumes. 


Matt Halstead, Co-Owner of Chocolaterie Tessa

We hired Small Coffee to help transform our business from a successful neighborhood boutique into a thriving, dynamic brand.  Clarisa and the Small Coffee team hit the ground running, immediately working with us to understand our goals, our brand and our message.  They have gone above and beyond at every step, exceeding our high expectations.  In a short period of time, Small Coffee have greatly broadened our reach, increased our exposure, and identified many opportunities for growth.  Small Coffee combines the vision and creativity needed in a marketing firm with hard work, honesty, and an entrepreneurial spirit.  


Dustin Kneff, Co-Owner of Austin Daily Press

Clarisa's services and countless resources have been invaluable to Austin Daily Press. She truly cares about our success and without hesitation is ready to help at a moments notice. Clarisa has quickly become a part of our core team and proactively keeps us on point with community and social media outreach so that we can focus on growing our business. Clarisa is a self starter and a master of her craft. She has helped develop our identity both internally as business owners as well as from the public's perspective. She is a well of knowledge, ideas, and network resources that never seems to run dry and we can't imagine being without!


Brad Compere, Owner of Capstone Title


Clarisa has been a tremendous support to our marketing efforts and has, in essence, served as the marketing department of our small, growing company.  She has the ability to combine thought, innovation and creativity with organization, punctuality and effective communication.  She is a genuine and caring person with the highest character, something extremely critical that we look for in our team members and business partners.


Jessica Hannah, Owner of J.Hannah Co. 

I always try to accomplish everything by myself, but I needed guidance so I reached out to Clarisa. After working with Clarisa for one session I realized her skills were invaluable to my company. She helped my business by crafting press releases that got me lots of press. She helped me approach new clients, reconsider my social media positioning, and opened my eyes to the cutting-edge conversations happening around social media. I gained a much larger customer base simply by following her advice. She is a go-getter, and a connector. Her unique and savvy approach is truly invaluable and I recommend her highly.