Marketing & Public Relations Internship

Summer 2018

Small Coffee is seeking Public Relations Interns for Summer 2018. These paid internships will provide hands-on experience at a boutique agency. Interns will walk away with both knowledge and experience about publicity, events planning, marketing, and being a small business owner. Please read this blog before applying!

About Small Coffee

Austin-based Small Coffee is a small agency that helps small businesses amplify their brands through strategic public relations, social media and grassroots marketing campaigns. Founded in 2014, Small Coffee currently works with a handful of (really fun and interesting) B2C businesses and is taking on more work. 

Internship Position Description

Interns will be responsible for assisting and supporting the Principal with a variety of marketing, public relations, and events planning tasks for Small Coffee’s clients. By the end of the 12-week internship, interns will know the ins and outs of owning and operating a small public relations and marketing agency. This is a paid internship ($10/hour) and interns will be expected to work 8-12 hour weeks. Office hours are somewhat flexible. Small Coffee is based out of The Refinery downtown. 

Job Functions and Responsibilities

Marketing focus may include:

  • Engage with Principal on a regular basis to brainstorm ideas for new and innovative marketing and public relations campaigns for clients

  • Assist with event planning logistics by following up with vendors and helping coordinate project management

  • Assist with gathering and analyzing data and metrics for reports

  • Provide support and assistance for product launches and events with tasks that may include media relations and email marketing

  • Participate in the occasional meeting or photo-shoot with clients

  • Assist with social media engagement by helping manage social channels, drafting editorial calendars, and monitoring social media analytics

Public Relations focus may include:

  • Write and assist with the pitching of press releases and other media pitches

  • Research and compile the editorial calendars of publications

  • Create and update editorial database using industry software

  • Write and research content for blogs

  • Help with the project management of events and workshops

General responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Report weekly to Principal, outlining accomplishments and goals

  • Keep organized files of company materials that are either shared with intern or created by intern, and be able to access those files when needed

  • Communicate as directed with third parties, such as publications, website developers, photographers, graphic designers, etc.

  • Assist with researching industry-specific and competitor sites for product releases, product reviews, customer comments, and other relevant marketing information


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills required

  • Some knowledge and experience with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp and Instagram required

  • Very strong interest in marketing, PR, and entrepreneurship

  • Strong attention to detail and organizational skills required

  • Must be deadline-driven, professional, dependable and have good follow-through

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint required

  • Experience with design programs (such as Adobe Suite) a plus, but not required

  • Experience with Google Analytics, MailChimp, Eventbrite, BaseCamp, and Squarespace preferred, but not required

* A personal laptop is required for this position. A computer is not provided by Small Coffee. 


  • Must be enrolled in college
  • Business, Public Relations, Journalism, or related major

To Apply

Please send your cover letter, resume and two recent writing samples (or portfolio) to Clarisa Ramirez,, by April 30, 2018.


Meet Our Intern: Madison Wren Whittington


Our summer intern has been such a great help around the office. Get to know a little bit about her!

Where are you from and where are you going to school? 
I'm  from Houston, Texas and I’m studying philosophy at UT. I transferred after two years at the University of North Texas.

You're studying philosophy. What’s your personal philosophy?
Honesty and compassion. People lie to themselves all the time, but it’s so important to be honest with yourself about where you stand. You don’t have to share that information with other people, but when you recognize and honor your own insecurities you’re able to move on. I’ve always been hard on myself and my expectations are high, but I’ve learned recently that the way you treat yourself shines through in your relationships with other people. It’s silly, but I have to remind myself that we’re all human and allow for human errors.

Where would you like to be in in 5 years?
I want to stay in a big city. I think it’s important for me to stay in an environment that’s forward-thinking and ambitious. When I’m in an atmosphere that’s competitive and fast-paced, it pushes me to work harder because I feel like the bar is set so much higher. I’ve lived in Texas for my entire life, and I lived in the same house for 17 years, so I want to move out of state before rooting myself in Texas. I never want to feel stuck somewhere.

What three people would you invite to a dinner party and why?
Tavi Gevinson, Amanda De Cadinet, and Hillary Clinton. The three of them come from different generations, are self-made, and have created a unique space for women in their respective fields. They’re powerhouses. Tavi Gevinson founded RookieMag when she was 15, Amanda De Cadinet’s talk show The Conversation gives women a space to speak to and share their experiences, and it’s difficult to describe how significant it is that Hillary Clinton won the democratic nomination. She’s been paving her own way in politics for years, but that’s a game-changer for all women.

What do you do to relax?

When I’m alone I write or read poetry aloud to myself. When I’m feeling anxious poetry helps me to feel like a real human again. I also hang out with my neighbors 4 to 5 nights a week.

What's your favorite food?
Pita bread filled with grilled veggies and hummus.

What are your favorite places in the world?
Rothko Chapel in Houston and Rodger’s Book Barn in Hillsdale, NY.

What's your favorite mode of communication? Text, email, phone, SnapChat...?

I’m probably one of the only people my age who doesn’t use Snapchat. I try to separate myself from technology when I can, so Snapchat is too much of a constant for me and it feels invasive. I use my phone for lists and reminders, but I still use a paper planner. I text my friends to stay in touch.

What's the best thing you've read this year? 

What's the best thing you've read this year?
I'm reading "Yes Please" by Amy Poehler and it's outstanding.

What are some of your favorite local businesses?
Mozart’s Coffee Roasters, Book People, and the Clay Pit.

What are some of your favorite things to watch (TV, movies, YouTube)?
I’m obsessed with The Mindy Project and I love watching Ingrid Nilsen and Estée Lalonde on YouTube.

What are your go-to websites?
RookieMag, The New York Times, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr. I like to use Twitter to keep up with news and politics.

If you could pick three to five words to describe yourself, what would they be?
Honest, ambitious, inquisitive, and resourceful.

Thanks Madison!