Small Coffee is an Austin-based boutique agency that works with authentic brands that care about community. We work different by connecting clients and their stories with businesses, organizations, and influencers who share their values. This cross-collaborative approach results in more brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Why are we named Small Coffee? Cafecito is Spanish for "little coffee." It's also the Latin custom of breaking for coffee and a snack in the afternoon; a daily ritual when co-workers and friends stop what they're doing to share ideas and re-energize. While living in Costa Rica as a Peace Corps Volunteer, Clarisa Ramirez learned more about the coffee farmers she lived with in her village, and accomplished a heck of a lot, during these moments. In the spirit of cafecito, we've been helping brands amplify their brands through strategic public relations and grassroots marketing campaigns since 2015.

  Clarisa Ramirez   Founder, Principal

Clarisa Ramirez
Founder, Principal

Equipped with a decade of journalism experience, a Media Management certificate and an MS in Interactive Publishing from Northwestern, Clarisa Ramirez has been helping people effectively grow their businesses by planning and executing successful marketing strategies since 2013. Clarisa is also a Lecturer in Marketing for St. Edward's Bill Munday School of Business.

  Stef Atkinson   Designer

Stef Atkinson

Stef Atkinson is a designer, photographer, and brand consultant living in the rad city of Austin. She spends her days creating in a variety of mediums, including photography, graphic design, printmaking and watercolor. She has worked for several nonprofits as a designer and brand consultant in both Nashville and Austin, specializing in print design and production. She most recently worked as Design Manager at fair trade fashion company Raven + Lily.

  Richelle Ouelette   Event Consultant

Richelle Ouelette
Event Consultant

Fueled mainly by coffee, cashews, and quinoa, Richelle Ouelette produces extraordinary events and piquant puns. It was clear from a young age that she was destined for a life organizing events after single-handedly planning her fifth birthday party. More recently, she's founded a weekly farmers market, coordinated logistics for large concerts, orchestrated multi-day symposia and conferences, and even prepared a reception for a former First Lady.

  Annie Ray   Photographer

Annie Ray

Annie Ray has been an editorial and commercial photographer for over a decade. Driven by her natural love for deep connection and special relationship with any subject that winds up in front of her lens, she captures individuality in the moment. She's been voted Best Austin Photographer by The Austin Chronicle every single year since 2010. She enjoys reading romance novels in her free time. She also took Clarisa and Amira's headshots! 

  Amira Jensen  Marketing Coordinator

Amira Jensen
Marketing Coordinator

As a former newspaper editor, Amira Jensen thrives on deadlines and is adept at managing multiple projects at once. Realizing how much she enjoyed learning about small businesses and helping them grow, Amira has since dedicated her work to helping local companies with comprehensive marketing strategies. In her spare time, she enjoys blogging, exploring small-town Texas and drinking great coffee.